Welcome 2022!

Many times, creating art has been a healing tool for me as I’ve experienced challenging times in my life. After I ended a toxic relationship and was suddenly supporting 2 children on my own, I drew and painted many mandalas.

A mandala, Sanskrit word that means “circle” is a complex abstract design that is usually circular in form. From the center point arrays of symbols, shapes and forms emanate.
A representation of the universe, a mandala is the connection between our inner worlds and outer reality, an echo of your soul.

Creating mandala art helped me to relax and become centered. It was like a meditation in motion.

As a special welcome to 2022 I would like to have more of my mandalas in your homes so you can truly enjoy the effects and healing vibes. I have a generous sale for the month of January of original, one of a kind mandala paintings. Please visit my website to purchase https://www.annmariecheung.com/

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