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Certified Creatively Fit Coach

You may or may not know I’m a Certified Creatively Fit Coach and I completed the training in 2021. I wanted to share with you my experience as a CCFC Coach and how I have grown so much, not only with my personal painting practice but creating the art that is my life!

If you are looking for a way to be an agent of change for our world right now, this certification program could be the key. It’s fun, creative and meaningful and changed the way I show up in our world and how I navigate during this time of much needed deep healing for our planet. I painted up a storm, circled up with an amazing community of (mostly women) creative spirits who have become great friends. I have found my tribe!

The Creatively Fit Coaching Training has given me a renewed sense of confidence and the knowledge – that I got this! I can teach live or virtual workshops, coach others one-on-one or in groups and create my own online programs. If this sounds interesting to you click on my affiliate link:


I also had the fantastic experience serving as a guide for the February training session.

I’m not personally running any live programs at the moment since I’m back at school studying Event Management at Centennial College…always learning 

If you are more interested in experiencing your life WITH a Personal Painting Practice, here are some highly recommended online courses led by my awesome coach Whitney Freya:

Love, Ann-Marie

The Buddha Painting Program


Paint the energy of Buddha for peace and centering…

This is where we gather, in our collective “studio,” to create our OMMMMMM…

Join Whitney Freya and hundreds of compassionate creatives to paint your own Buddha painting!

Enjoy 8 instructional videos…joining Whitney “live” as she paints Buddha and guides you every brush stroke of the way!

Also, learn Whitney Freya’s version of the Buddhist TONGLEN Practice. Learn how you can surrender to any low vibration and transform it into LOVE that will ripple out around the planet! Oh, yeah!

When you join, you get to be a part of an incredible community that is painting Buddha together here in Whitney Freya’s online studio! AND you have lifetime access!

Past students have painted LOTS of Buddhas and even sold their paintings and Buddha commissions!

Whitney started painting Buddhas during a very challenging time in her life. ONCE SHE FELT how the energy of Buddha on the canvas seemed to bathe her in a whole new kind of PEACE…she painted A LOT of Buddhas!

This course offers very specific instruction about how to paint Buddha’s face, helping you to paint any kind of faces, with emphasis on shading and making the face look three dimensional.

With the techniques shared in this course, you can go on to paint anything!

Now it’s your turn!!! Let’s get your OM on right now!


art prints

Visual Architects: Exploring Visual Identity

Visual Architects

In this very interesting interview, Manchester-based Lefteris Angelidis and host James Dickson discuss how social media is driving change in events’ visual identity. They discuss the likely impact of the Metaverse, creativity and the structure/longevity of set items.

The sustainability question spawns conversation about branding solutions for ‘off the shelf’ products, bean bags and recycling polystyrene, transport – vehicle cost and emissions – and electric vans’ reach limitations.

They go on to talk about LED screen technology, 3D mapping, creativity versus budgets, planning, Beyonce and more.

I completely agree with Lefteris that events should be fully sensory experiences. Audiences really appreciate full immersive experiences.

He mentions sustainability driven culture where it’s really important that we are not just throwing away and discarding materials after one use and how much you are working with your clients now on that balance between sustainability and the desire from the client to actually evolve and do something different every year.

The trend that we’re seeing at the moment is that eco-friendly and sustainability is becoming a must for event organizers. A lot of clients come to them because they don’t want somebody to make them something bespoke and then after that they throw it in the garbage. I love that this company is constantly scouring Facebook Marketplace and other places to find items that they can add to their full warehouse of different themes that they utilize again and again then also refurbish them. It’s a massive benefit for companies to be able to go somewhere and choose something off the shelf because they know that they are playing their part to help the planet. Other things they do like repainting and reusing carpets and fabrics with water based paints are a fantastic idea.

Lefteris also spoke about creating smaller VIP experiences. For a Beyonce concert event, they created a special VIP area in front of the stage where it looked like you’re going to a club in the 70s with the full disco theme and bar. They make something exclusive and only available to a small amount of people. There seems to be a trend toward smaller event where people can socialize with their friends and have more interaction.

It’s worth having a listen to this full 30 minute interview loaded with interesting and inspiring information.

from Visual Architects website | Festival Installations

Visual Architects are a company based in the UK who transform spaces into experiences.
“Creative event décor and fit-out solutions, taking the ordinary to the extraordinary. From off the shelf party décor and prop hire to bespoke design, custom decor and exclusive prop builds, we can bring any vision to life and any dream to reality! Whether you are an event, festival, wedding, restaurant, nightclub or bar our team is here for you.”
Visual Architects website

Article: Visual Architects: Exploring visual identity

Direct link to Podcast interview

Ann-Marie Cheung

Ann-Marie Cheung
Visual Alchemist & Creative Experience Guide

Direct the creative flow of the Universe through your mind, body & spirit

Would you like to expand and deepen your Qigong practice? 

By consistently practicing Qigong, you embrace a joyful, inspiring, lifelong habit that energizes your entire being with each movement, creating a foundation for health, vitality, and longevity for years to come — you’re not just following rote exercises to maintain the status quo. 

Qigong’s gentle movements and meditations bolster your physical and mental agency and slow the aging process — while increasing physical strength, mental clarity, emotional resilience, equilibrium, coordination, and immune system support.

The free online Qigong Global Summitis an opportunity to energize your Qigong practice under the guidance of masters and pioneers from around the world:

This summit will feel akin to a virtual retreat, meaning each day will provide experiential opportunities to activate quick shifts in your body, regardless of whether you’re new to Qigong or an experienced practitioner enhancing your skill set:

Over the course of five days, you’ll absorb the philosophies and follow guided Qigong movement and meditation techniques designed to advance you — and your teaching practice — to the next level of mastery.

They will guide you through Qigong sessions that will provide an array of teachings and insights you can use for a lifetime in a profound practice that nourishes you from the inside out, fueled by fortitude, joy, and grace.

And, be sure to keep an eye out for additional bundled professional track sessions that will offer leading-edge industry information to add to your toolkit, allowing you to move to the next level in your teaching practice:

  • Applying the I Ching as a Manual for Self-Development with Deng Ming-Dao
  • Emerging Qigong Programs at Harvard’s Osher Center for Integrative Medicine with Peter Wayne
  • Intersections: Qigong, Tai Chi, and Yoga with Sifu Matthew Cohen
  • 3 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Qigong with Peng Roden Her
  • Accessing Your Center Core of Light with Maria Furlano, DMQ (China)  
  • Becoming a Professional Qigong Teacher: Tips from the Experts with Josie Weaver, Lee Holden, and Tevia Feng
  • Qigong and Western Medicine with Shin Lin, PhD, Roger Jahnke, OMD, and Gloria Y. Yeh, MD
  • Qigong and Women’s Health with Daisy Lee, Marisa Cranfill, and Roni Edlund
  • Qigong and Healing with Master Chunyi Lin, Denise Minter, and Gilles Marin
  • The Interface Between Qigong and Non-Mainstream Therapies and Treatments with Dr. Miles Reid, Kevin W. Chen, PhD, and Sifu Matthew Cohen

You’ll have unparalleled access to a variety of ancient and emerging Qigong wisdom streams — including Ba Duan Jin, 8 Brocades, Nei Guan, Wuji Hundun, and many others. Each session will be an opportunity to activate quick shifts in your body, regardless of your skill level.  

Free Online Event
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There are more than 35 leading Qigong teachers, masters, and doctors in this year’s Qigong Global Summit, including Daisy Lee, Deng Ming-Dao, Master Chunyi Lin, Lee Holden, Lindsey Wei, Grandmaster Mantak Chia, Master Mingtong Gu, Teja Bell Rōshi, Faye Li Yip, Mark Tanaka, and many others. 

Under guidance from these masters, you’ll be able to use Qigong for a wide array of healing and practical applications  — including stress reduction, physical and mental fluidity, and grounding your body and inner being to navigate daily life with ease. 

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  • The Four Angular Hands practicewhichrenders energy more effectively than brute force in a combative situation 
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  • How the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine relate to key phases of your creative cycles as a woman, and how you can harness them to manifest abundance, joy, and flow in your life
  • More robust tools to deepen your own practice and guide your students
  • And much more!

Whether you’re new to Qigong or a dedicated practitioner, you’ll find new practices to learn and add to your routines, or to incorporate into the care you give your clients.

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Glassdoor Company Reviews Examples

How to Respond to Glassdoor Company Reviews

When you have received a bad review from an employee, you should first respond to the study. Try to respond personally, and do not use generic language. This will only make you appear uninterested in the feedback. Instead, use the language the reviewer used to describe their experience. It will be apparent that the employer has done its homework. If you respond in this way, you can get your employees to write positive reviews.


It’s important to note that you can’t publish reviews that name people. If the reviewer mentions an employee’s name or other personal information, they can’t be published. You can challenge the thinking, and it’ll be removed. If it’s a false review, report it. You will also want to avoid naming anyone. The reviewer has no right to be able to use profanity.


You can respond to a negative review by identifying the reviewer. This can be done by clicking the red flag icon or checking the box indicating that the judgment violates the Glassdoor community guidelines. You can also contact the employer to explain why the reviewer should change the thinking when challenging a negative thought. Be sure to respond promptly. You will want your employees to feel like they have been heard.


When responding to a Glassdoor review, you can help your employees feel better about working at your company. If an employee is unhappy, reply to the study in a way that addresses their concerns. While it isn’t easy to do, it can make a massive difference in the perception of your company. When you respond in a polite, respectful manner, you will ensure that your employees are pleased with their job and the company they work for.



Glassdoor is a website where employees can leave anonymous reviews of companies. Its popularity means that it is a popular place to post reviews. Its ratings are unbiased, and users can post any comments that they feel are helpful. For example, MoneyLion’s Director of Call Center Operations has responded sincerely and thoughtfully to a reviewer. While this may seem counter-intuitive, it can profoundly impact the company’s employee experience.


In addition to the company’s reputation, Glassdoor reviews can be helpful to job seekers. By responding to a reviewer’s concerns, Glassdoor can humanize your business and create a connection. While it may be tempting to ignore a bad


review, it is essential to recognize that most of these reviews are exaggerated and may not be entirely unbiased. However, if a job candidate sees positive feedback about a company, they are more likely to want to apply there.


Some Glassdoor reviews are more honest than others. A company should not ignore bad reviews, even if they are negative. A company’s response is critical to its reputation. If a reviewer takes their time to respond, it can improve the company’s overall impression. It will also improve the chances of future employees applying to the company. A positive response will enhance the reputation of a company. It will show the prospective employee that the company is open to feedback.



The most effective way to respond to a negative review is to engage the company’s employees. While a company may want to ignore a negative review, it may also help know that it is not as bad as it seems. For example, a good Glassdoor company review will be the one that is positive and makes the employer look better. If it is not, it will hurt the company’s reputation on Glassdoor. Then, the next time an employee has a negative review, it will be easy to make a positive one.


Glassdoor is an excellent source for company reviews. The site allows employees to write reviews about the company they work for. In addition, Glassdoor will enable employees to write a single review per year, unlike many other review sites. This helps the employer prevent multiple studies published on the same page. In addition, it gives potential candidates social proof about a company and can help decide if they’d like to apply for the position.


How to Structure Employee Reviews

Employee reviews

One way to improve employee reviews is to use a structured approach to give constructive feedback. For example, before giving performance reviews, write a note that covers the main points and uses bullet points. Try to identify patterns and give examples to illustrate your points. After providing the review, summarize the discussion and begin placing your observations for the following review. You can also ask your employees how they would rate you on these qualities. By following these guidelines, you’ll provide the most helpful feedback possible.


How do i write a review about a company?

Can my company see my glassdoor review?

Does glassdoor have fake reviews?

How do you write a good review on glassdoor?

“Glassdoor offers candidates a chance to look for jobs and read authentic and transparent reviews from employees currently and formerly employed in an organization.” […]

Glassdoor is an online job site where people go to get a feel for what it’s like to work at a

Everybody in the company knows that glassdoor is not a profitable business by running reviews, and their ads

Put simply, Glassdoor is site that allows disgruntled employees to vent their spleen about past or current employers with the protection of anonymity.

Glassdoor secretly removed my review after it posted for 2 wks with no

As Lisa Holden, Employer Communications Manager at Glassdoor, wrote to me, “Glassdoor makes sure everyone is entitled to their opinion about a company, and that includes the employer…

Glassdoor has an exhaustive FAQ on how to respond to negative reviews, if you’d like more detailed pointers.

Glassdoor is the most obvious place to start, but there are other websites that post company

Glassdoor is an important platform to manage your employer brand; however, it should not be the only place where your employees can share their feedback with

Glassdoor is probably the best known website for employees to leave reviews of

Takeout takes a considerable cut of customer dollars: 42% of customers order carryout/delivery three or more days a week; 63% order it at least twice a week. 1 Sidenote – orders aren’t always claimed: 47% of customers stated they purchased carryout but never chose it, leaving restaurants with orphaned orders (glassdoor community guidelines).



Alcohol-to-go is rapidly acquiring appeal: 56% of customers ages 21 and older stated they are likely to buy cocktails-to-go this year; nearly one-third (32%) said they are highly likely to do so. In addition, customers want to pay more to provide a livable wage for dining establishment staff: When asked whether they would be open to restaurants including greater service charge (20% or higher) to assist offer a livable wage to staff, 2 in 5 customers (43%) said they would support it.


More consumers regular neighborhood mom-and-pop dining establishments: When asked where they dine or order frequently, 34% of consumers indicated regional, independent dining establishments compared to 20% who choose nationwide chains; 46% are equally split between the two. “Despite remaining concerns, customers can’t assist however miss their favorite eateries, and numerous are dining in person once again or plan to in the future however with various expectations,” said Brendan Sweeney, CEO, and co-founder of Popmenu.



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This doesn’t imply that hospitality has actually to be jeopardized at all. On the contrary, the ongoing profound shortage of available hospitality workers in lots of methods demands the participation of more technology to make staff more efficient. As the dining establishment market pursues continual healing, a greater focus on digital connections and benefit will boost guest experiences that will always be grounded in outstanding food and service.” 1 Source for this stat: Popmenu’s nationwide study of 1,000 customers in Q4 2021 – glassdoor community guidelines.


The more things change, the more things stay the same. As compliance develops as a market, we sometimes forget the foundational best practices that our programs are built upon. The supposed retaliation happened when a dissatisfied worker published an undesirable discuss Glassdoor and was consequently fired. The business declares the series of events were unrelated. The EEOC disagreed. But what is more vital here is the material of the comment. The staff member stated that the company’s managers “do not know what the word ‘discrimination’ means, nor do they believe it matters.’” Here’s the thing: whether or not the reporter’s claim is substantiated, this story gathered a great deal of media attention


social networks traction and we’re still discussing it here.

Maybe for the first time, we’re seeing that workers are not reporting outside their organizations simply because they fear retaliation; they might now be reporting externally because they get more immediate affirmation. Members of the compliance team diligently process each report, run it through the appropriate channels, resolve the case, and inform whistleblowers that their words were heard and taken seriously.


The State of Trust This conversation maker social media has now been warmed up and is running at full force in a time of increased cynicism and suspect (glassdoor community guidelines)., an annual study on credibility across industries, organizations, media, regions, and individual functions, trust in the company is at an all-time low.


In the publishing, interaction, and art markets, the material can be defined as all the details and experiences, such as composting, speech, or other numerous arts, expressed through a medium to interact value to an end-user (glassdoor community guidelines). But, more crucial for a company, content is the stuff that users, readers, or viewers obtain worth from.


Whatever you’re a professional in (aerodynamics, the ketogenic diet plan, sewing, foreign policy, performance, you call it), someone likely needs to champion it through material development. 5 Things Premier Content Creators Do Effective content creators know there’s more to being in need than composing the best content (though that’s a fantastic start and works for some people, such as copywriters).



** 1. Get and Stay Current ** Whatever your location of know-how is; you need to be on top of it, know the latest news, and follow the patterns. ** 2. Know Your Audience ** The better you know your or your customer’s audience, the better you can communicate with them. Material creation isn’t simply about crafting words.


They’re likewise muscles that require to be bent regularly to remain agile. You can write the material that would bring Shakespeare to tears and still not get any traction if you don’t consist of keywords that assist your work bubble approximately the top of the search results page. SEO keywords guarantee your material gets seen and has quantifiable results.


Develop a Portfolio Sure; you can show possible clients your social media accounts (and you need to if they’re incredible). The pro move is to develop and share a digital portfolio that features your finest work. Don’t have work to show?


Zero tolerance for retaliation needs to be policy, but it likewise has to be more effective than just a policy. Workers require to understand unquestionably that if they report internally, they will be retaliated against.


This is what will provide the channels on which staff members wish to report, as well as the trust they require to do so (glassdoor community guidelines).


Glassdoor Review of Companies

Glassdoor is a new website that allows people to post reviews of companies they consider working for. In addition, users can read about the company culture, ask questions about how the interview went, and report salaries and benefits. Since the site’s release on Facebook, users have increased dramatically. People can read the comments of both current and former employees and decide if a company is right for them based on their opinions.


If you own a restaurant, the service to your inadequate restaurant evaluations is not found online. You fix it in the kitchen.” Similarly, focus on the content of the comment, not where the statement was made. If a worker states that your company does not understand what discrimination suggests, do not erase your Glassdoor account, examine to see if there is any fact to the statement. 4


indeed glassdoor

The recent acquisition of Glassdoor by Japanese company Recruit Holdings Co. Ltd. is a big win for both companies. The investment will further improve the job search experience of users. The new Glassdoor will be a part of Recruit’s expanding Human Resources Technology segment. While Indeed is a popular site among job seekers, the merged company offers many other benefits to users. Here are some of them: As an independent company, Indeed is likely to continue to provide the same high-quality service that its competitors do.



Company Ratings

To provide investors with objective information about the companies they are considering, company ratings are an essential tool. In addition to focusing on financial strength, rating agencies also consider customer satisfaction, coverage options, discounts, and competitive prices. Finally, ratings also consider a company’s resilience in disasters. For instance, if a storm caused damage to a company’s building, the ratings will consider its ability to respond and continue operating. Rating agencies look at how well the company handled widespread illnesses in health insurance.

Glassdoor Company Reviews Examples