24 Hour Paint Jam June 19th to 20th, Solstice 2021

Paint Jam


Let’s BE Unstoppable Together

June 19th to 20th, Solstice 2021

YOU are invited to join the inner creative circle for 24 hours of painting workshops led by Whitney Freya and Creatively Fit Coaches.

One Zoom link.

24 hours of straight painting workshops.

Join anytime.

Enjoy lifetime access to all the replays.

Push your own creative boundaries TOGETHER!

All for just $33!


Paint Jam

22 Day Tara Painting Meditation Challenge with Whitney Freya

22 Day Tara Painting Meditation Challenge with Whitney Freya

If you want to create a Spiritual Painting Practice try this course by instructor, Whitney Freya – 22 Day Tara Painting Meditation Challenge.
Tara, or Green Tara, is the feminine Buddha.
She is the Goddess of Compassion and Liberation.



-You will paint an “altar” to TARA.
-You will paint an acrylic, multi-layered, mixed media, energetic painting of TARA.
-You will learn painting techniques that are both practical and spiritual.
-You will learn about TARA and all 21 aspects of TARA.
-You will learn more about yourself, what is available to you and all that is possible when we open up to the support and protection of the divine feminine.
-You will become stronger, more courageous, and more self-expressive.
-Your authentic self will take even more of your “center stage” as you understand new facets of your own personal super powers.
-You will learn about mudras and mantras and the sacred symbolism surrounding TARA.
-You will paint to guided meditations, exploring a whole new way to cultivate inner peace and self-confidence.
-You will illuminate your own inner buddha nature, the core teaching of Buddhism–that we can each achieve buddha-hood.


Petals and Paint Workshop at STEPAC June 28

stepac Flowers

Petals and Paint with Janis Harris of Harris Flower Farm and instructor Heather Keating.

Participants will learn about arranging seasonal flower and then create a watercolour still-life of the arrangement.

Advance registration and payment are required for all adult classes and workshops.

No refunds once class or workshop begins.

Cost $25 (include materials)


Thursday, June 28, 2018 from 07:00 pm to 09:00 pm
St. Thomas-Elgin Public Art Centre at 301 Talbot Street
Saint Thomas , Ontario , Canada , N5P 1B5