Welcome 2022!

Many times, creating art has been a healing tool for me as I’ve experienced challenging times in my life. After I ended a toxic relationship and was suddenly supporting 2 children on my own, I drew and painted many mandalas.

A mandala, Sanskrit word that means “circle” is a complex abstract design that is usually circular in form. From the center point arrays of symbols, shapes and forms emanate.
A representation of the universe, a mandala is the connection between our inner worlds and outer reality, an echo of your soul.

Creating mandala art helped me to relax and become centered. It was like a meditation in motion.

As a special welcome to 2022 I would like to have more of my mandalas in your homes so you can truly enjoy the effects and healing vibes. I have a generous sale for the month of January of original, one of a kind mandala paintings. Please visit my website to purchase https://www.annmariecheung.com/

Painting a Picnic Bench for the town of Simcoe

Along with other artists, I painted one of five picnic benches which will be placed outside on the lawn at the Norfolk Arts Centre in downtown Simcoe for the ‘Celebrate Simcoe: The Global Garden’ project.

“This is a fun spin on the fact that Simcoe is located in Norfolk County, which has long been nicknamed Ontario’s Garden. Simcoe has a distinctive international culture, which this project aims to highlight. 

Every year, approximately five thousand seasonal workers come to the community from outside the country – mainly Jamaica, Mexico, and Trinidad and Tobago – to work on large fruit and vegetable farms. Typically, on the weekends, the workers come downtown to shop, eat, and socialize. The atmosphere on ‘Town Nights’ is unique, and we want to amplify this experience by adding artwork that celebrates the diversity of the community. Gradually, the murals and picnic table art will transform Simcoe into a true ‘Global Garden’, enhancing the visual landscape for residents & visitors. “

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The look I wanted to create is similar to stained glass or mosaic tiling. When I think of agriculture, our pollinators come to mind, our essential bees and butterflies. On a symbolic level, butterflies represent metamorphosis and freedom. The bees are a symbol of community, they work hard together in unity. The seat parts of the bench include mosaic curved pathways. This illustrates our travels and our life journeys. This also honours the migrant workers, their seasonal voyages and celebrates their colourful cultures.