The Bloomz ArtHouse Show January 2021

The Bloomz

“It’s an art show, Jim, but not as you know it!”

Just when you thought that visiting art galleries was lost forever in these uncertain times, enter The Bloomz—a fabulous art collective that has re-written the definition of an online art show!

The inaugural show took place last September and was a huge success. It is now set to be a permanent fixture in the global, art calendar with three shows per year. The first show of 2021 takes place on:

Friday 29th January (7pm) and Saturday 30th January (10am and 7pm)
All times are GMT .

Here is a short video with all 11 artists telling you in their own words about their art – all in 30 seconds each – you will definitely want to see more so now is a good time to register for tickets.

Tickets to The Bloomz Arthouse Show are free, but visitors must register for the event to receive joining instructions and pre-show material to make their visit even more enjoyable. Tickets are available through the link on The Bloomz website:

2020 Year Review

Ann-Marie Cheung - Professional Visual Artist

I experienced so much learning and personal growth in 2020. It was a year for diving deep into my soul and really discovering my purpose and passion.

At the beginning of the year, I was a full time 3D character design and animation student; still feeling the deep loss of my mom’s death the year before. Covid-19 happened and I finished the final months of my course online.

My intention was to seek 9 to 5 employment but then I decided to return to creating fine art and make it a full time business instead. Maybe it sounds a little crazy but I wanted to follow my passion.

I’m grateful for all the amazing people I’ve met this year. Movers and shakers and dreamers who want to make this world a better place.

And I learned to scuba dive this summer. The pandemic and the loss of a loved one makes you realize that life is so short and you need to really experience everything your heart desires.

At the end of this year, I enrolled in a 200 hour yoga teacher training program which has been quite the life changing experience so far. As the year comes to a close, my heart is full of joy. 2021 is going to be amazing!

Joy and adventure,

Here’s a painting exercise that anyone can do.

1. Paint a circle with any type of paint. I was using acrylic paint for this.

2. Let that dry.

3. Start by making a dot in the centre. Draw counter clockwise as evenly spaced as possible. I used a gold paint marker pan.

This is an excellent way to relax and meditate.

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The Bloomz International Art Show

Bloomz Art Show

Myself and the other members of The Bloomz, would like to
invite you to our inaugural
The Bloomz Arthouse International
On-line Art Show

26th September 2020
at 10:00 hrs and 19:00 hrs UK time (GMT +1)

The Bloomz are excited to announce that tickets are now available, from EventBrite, for our eagerly anticipated, International On-line Art Show — TICKETS

This is the first time an International Art Show has been brought to you in this way, via Zoom, onto a computer near you.

We have a varied, eclectic mix of artists from across the globe who will be ready to show you their latest collections of original work; talk to you about their passion for their art; and discuss the processes they use.

There will be two sessions—one at 10:00 hrs and one at 19:00 hrs (UK time)—each session will last 3 hours – but don’t worry, we will not close the doors whilst we still have visitors at the show. We suggest, however, that you allow 2 hours for your visit, so you can meet the artists and admire their work, without having to rush. Details of the individual artists can be found at www.the, so that you can discover a little about them before you meet them at the event.
I will be participating in the second show at 19:00 hrs (UK time) 2pm EST /  11am PDT.

The recent show preview received rave reviews and we expect a sell-out of tickets. Therefore, once the allotted tickets have been taken, a waiting list will be created in case of any cancellations.

If you want to be in at the beginning of what is about to become the most talked about Global Art Show Phenomenon, then secure your tickets now!

Tickets are available from the tickets page on The Bloomz website: 

Sign-up to be kept informed of any future events here The Bloomz.
The Artists have taken over the Art Gallery!

Featuring Artists from the Bloomz Arthouse Collective:

Cindy Porter

Fiona Hooper

Elisa Colangeli

Sammy Hexter-Andrews

Joan Wallington

Stephanie Lester

Ann-Marie Cheung

Katy Rundle

Renate Roske-Shelton

Angel Burns

Julie Wrathall


We are The Bloomz—a diverse group of artists, linked by our creativity, belief in the importance of our art and the desire to show our work. It is quite rare to get such a collection of artists working together, and we were inspired by London’s historical ‘Bloomsbury Group’ to create a group of our own, hence ‘The Bloomz’.

We decided to start our own online ‘Arthouse’ that would periodically produce a virtual art show. The main objectives of our shows are:.

Artists. We want to show our work and our creative processes with the additional chance to talk about our collections to collectors and anybody interested in art. The main purpose is to gain followers genuinely interested in our work, and who may be interested in buying a piece or in the future. Of course, if any collector wishes to buy on the day of the show they are very welcome..

Visitors. They want a chance to meet a diverse group of artists who work in varied media and find out about their pieces, what inspires them, and learn about their processes. Artists often hear that people can find High Street galleries uninviting and intimidating places. So we wanted to break down the barriers and talk direct to anybody interested in art. Hopefully visitors will find an artist, among us, about who they would like to find out more, and thus will be able to follow them—either through social media or by joining the artist’s mailing list..

We were uninspired by the various virtual, online events that involve scanning through pages and pages of flat art. So we decided to organise an online art show with a difference— you get to meet and chat to the artists, live, as well as see their art, in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

Full details available on the website.