Million Dollar Experiment

I am super excited as I have just joined the world’s largest mindset and intuition experiment!

I just have to tell you about it! 

This social experiment asks the question – can mindset and intuition training create a millionaire mindset, and make YOU a millionaire in just one year??? 

Exciting right? As a participant I get all this:

  • a Million dollar step by step plan! 
  • 1 year of mindset training 
  • 1 year of intuition training 
  • 1 year of Facebook support 
  • Access to interviews with the world’s movers and shakers on money, mindset, intuition and being a millionaire 

Here’s the most insane thing, the admin fee for this whole experience is just $25 for the whole year!!!

I knew I had to tell you about it as I didn’t want my peeps to miss this amazing opportunity to be part of something so epic and special. 

Here’s my sign up link >>>

In full transparency this is my affiliate link and I do get a reward for introducing people to this experiment. 

Leonie Dawson


Leonie Dawson is an internationally best-selling author with over 350,000 books used worldwide. She has sold over $8m in online courses, and has built her online empire in only 10 hours a week. Leonie lives on the Sunshine Coast in Australia with her husband and two daughters.

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Leigh & Paula are business and mindset mentors for artists worldwide, helping them throw off the shackles of the art world and create profitable businesses they love to work in. They offer coaching programmes, training programmes and more making sure artists have all the tools they need to go forth and sell their work online and with their own direction.
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